Delivery & FAQ

Only orders paid before delivery date (8pm cutoff) will be shipped out. So please don't forget to email a copy of your deposit slip to

Frozen cakes arrive anytime within the day.
Since we cannot guarantee a specific time, you may have cakes delivered a day before your get together. The cakes keep well in the freezer.



How do I know if my order went through?
-You are supposed to receive a confirmation email or text with your order number.

What do I do after ordering?
-If you did not pay on the site, please pay via your preferred bank. Email a copy of your deposit confirmation with your order number to

May I still change my orders?
-All orders are final once you've checked out.

Am I supposed to create an account?
-It is not required. But having an account makes it easier to order next time!

How do I order for multiple friends?
-After you add to cart, click on "ship to multiple addresses" and plug in their information.

When do the cakes expire?
-As long as you store it in the freezer, the frozen dalgona, speculoos, and twixt cakes are good for 3 months from date of production. The banana surprise cake is good for 1 month. Dates are printed on your can.
Where should I store the cakes?